Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014

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Quotes of the Week?

"Our politics are dysfunctional… societies don’t work if political factions take maximalist positions...."

- Barack Obama

Yes they are, but not exclusively for the reasons or from the sides you think, Mr. President.

“This issue keeps on coming up as if this was my decision...” 

- Barack Obama on pulling troops out of Iraq


Friday, August 8, 2014

On Gene Simmons

I've never been a big KISS fan. I'm even less a fan of Gene's narcissism.

Go f*ck yourself, Gene.

Peoria.com Needs Volunteers

Peoria.com is apparently in need of volunteers to help take care of updating the listings on the blog page.

If you have a good background in web-design/web-site maintenance and some free time please contact Peoria.com as they are having a tough time updating the blog page on a timely and consistent basis.



Let Me Get This Straight

When ISIS (or whatever they're called today) was rolling over Christians and Shia Muslims in Iraq, committing all kinds of atrocities, that was ok but now that they threaten a tiny, obscure, offshoot sect of the Zoroastrians we need to send in the cavalry?

Yes, I know it's more complicated than that but, to me, the optics still suck.